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Operational Changes

Braden Airpark operational changes due to staffing shortage begins on August 16th

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA) has faced a multitude of challenges while ensuring the health and safety of staff, stakeholders and tenants at all three airports.

In recent weeks, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDOH) has reported an upward trajectory of COVID-19 cases across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We will continue to monitor these trends going forward and provide any updates when necessary.

Unfortunately, another area directly impacted by the pandemic is the country’s labor force. Securing essential Airport Authority employees to meet immediate operational needs across our aviation system has been challenging – similar to many other businesses and organizations feeling the shortage of workers within the region. The LNAA addressed this employment issue proactively by participating in and hosting job fairs, implementing paid advertising across social media / job seeker platforms, and circulating of open job positions to the general aviation community in the hope of generating interest.

As a result of our staffing shortage, the LNAA has made the difficult decision that Braden Airpark (N43) will be unattended by Lehigh Valley Aviation Services effective Monday August 16th. The Airport Authority is determined to limit the duration of this measure.  We remain committed to returning to normal operating hours as soon as we can hire and train the necessary staff.

Although unattended, the Airpark is open, and ProFlite Aero Services (Flight School) and SpiritWings Aviation (Aircraft Maintenance) will continue operations.

  1. Self-service fuel is available for all N43 tenants and transient aircraft.
  2. LNAA staff will continue to perform all required quality control checks to ensure a safe supply of fuel is available.
  3. Spirit Wings has been contracted by LNAA to move aircraft from hangars on to the ramp during their normal hours of operation while Braden is unattended.
  4. LNAA staff will inspect and maintain the airfield and as always keep safety as our top priority.

The LNAA appreciates your understanding and patience as we navigate through this unprecedented labor market challenge.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Darren Betters. ([email protected])


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